Innes Scott

Midi Accordion

Innes 'The G' Scott - accordion. Innes trys to keep everyone in order in the band but its a struggle at times as he thinks most of them are deaf! He likes to play most of the tunes with a bit of speed to them to get the crowd jumpin', even if that does mean sacrificing correct notes!!! He often makes mistakes and blames it on the others for putting him off! Been in celtic rock bands since he was 16 both on the local scene and travelling throughout the country to ensure there is good crack and tunes at the dances.


Steven Macleod

Electric Guitar

Steven 'Macleod' Macleod - Electric guitar - Stevens career started on the guitar when he was a lad of 14. He started touring with bands at an early age. He drives trucks for a living and travels throughout the country so enjoys the crack back home at the weekends playing on stage. Steven is happy playing anything as long as his volume pedal is in front of him and his marshall amp is behind him!.

Matt Watts
Bass guitar

Matt 'bass mat' Watts - Bass guitar - matt is the man, he plays the bass to a level that most would only dream of. Although jammed in at the back with the rock section playing the low notes, the limelight is often turned on him when he starts to steal the show. Matt has an interest in all genres of music therefore can play anything that is thrown at him. He loves roaming the outdoors like a modern warrior and spends most of his time deep in the hills of harris! 

Ross Macrae

Pipes, Acoustic Guitar Vocals

Ross 'The boss' Macrae - Highland pipes, acoustic guitar, vocals. Ross is the main man on stage, but not off it!!! He keeps the music flowing, he calls the shots and the rest of the band follow! He has been playing Highland pipes in celtic rock bands since he was 17. When the band play tunes that the pipes dont fit, ross uses his versatility to frontline the band with his guitar and vocal skills, although only a newbie on the vocals, he can hold his own!

Uilleam Macleod


Uilleam 'Uilly' macleod - drums and percussion - Uilly is the man, causes havoc at every gig, from breaking stuff to loosing stuff to forgetting stuff, its a suprise uilly manages at all. But when let loose behind the kit he is the man that sets the pace for the rest with true style! Uilly spare time is taken up behind the desk at the local radio station. Since 2008 Uilly has been entertainin audiences all over the world with all types of good music!!

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Rock Island Line


Renowned musicians throughout the Western Isles, Rock Island Line, by name, are relatively new to the scene, but by individual reputations are no strangers to the Hebridean Music scene.

They provide and cater for most tastes and can easily adapt their set to suit what is demanded of them.

They are fun, entertaining and can easily blow you away with a fusion of Ceilidh, Celtic Rock, Country and Western, 70's and 80's classics through to current day

Looking for a party with a Capital P .... Look no further.

Images below are courtesy of Syber Promotions Scotland, Colin Cameron Photography, and in some instances both Northern Constabulary and a Mental Institution.


Rock Island Line - Your Hebridean Party Band.